Species Highlight “Dendrobates leucomelas”

I chose the Dendrobates leucomelas as my first species highlight because it was my first type of frog.  They make very good starter frogs seeing that they are very hardy, entertaining and due to their colors they are easy to keep an eye on.


photo 1

Originally found in Venezuela, but can be found in Columbia, Brazil & British Guyana as well.  Normally located in very humid conditions in tropical rain forests.  Similar to the picture below.

leuc habitat
Photo by Dendroboard user boabab95

Bold frog which does well in groups.  They are a terrestrial frog, but will climb if space allows.


These frogs will grow to around 1.5″ when full-grown, with the adult males being slightly smaller.

Temperature & Humidity:

The leucomelas’ prefer temperatures in low to mid 70s with high humidity.


They love insects.  In the wild they will eat ants, termites, tiny beetles, crickets, spiders and any other small insect.  In captivity, they are fed flightless fruit flies, pinhead crickets, isopods & springtails.  In captivity, their diet should be dusted with a vitamin supplement in order to give them the nutrients they need.


Leucomelas are normally sexable around a year old.  They have a very loud, but pleasant call as heard in the video below.

This species is a very seasonal breeder.  Eggs will be placed under a cocohut or on a smooth leaf.  Tadpoles will take around 60-80 days to hatch and are cannibalistic.


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