Tadpoles Growing Up

I have been hinting since I started this blog that my Tarapoto’s having been breeding and are great parents.   They currently have 2 tadpoles located in film canisters on the side of the tank.

Here is a picture of 1 of the 2 tadpoles they currently have in the tank.

Top View

photo 1-2

Here is a side view so you can better see his tiny little legs.

photo 2-2

Here is a picture of the 2nd tadpole.  This is a good photo to show his front legs developing.

photo 3-2


This is a picture of the 8 section divider I found in my closet.  It used to hold push pins, but I thought it would be the perfect size to put tadpoles in!  Each section is around twice the size of a film canister.


photo 4


I have several film canisters of various colors scattered throughout their tank.   Do you find your imitator’s breed better in a certain color cup or  if the cup is in a certain location?

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