Grow-Out Tank!

Well it finally happened this morning.  I woke up to the sight of one of my tadpoles up out of the water on the side of the cup.  I let out a quick scream and then promptly started setting up my grow-out tank.  This past weekend was pretty busy with my brother’s graduation party so I didn’t have time to set it up like I planned.

Here is some pictures of what I quickly threw together.  It has a layer of rocks, then some spaghum moss and then some clippings from one of the plants in the room.


Here is the first resident, our little almost escapee.  I did have a lid on the cup he was originally in (thank goodness) but it was way too big so he probably could have squeezed out if he was that ambitious.  Thankfully, he was too scared to get his last toes out of the water.


Here is the second tadpole getting ready to move over to the new grow out tank!

IMG_14761 IMG_14771

Here they both are in their new temporary tank.  I will leave them in here for a couple of weeks or until I see them eating flies and gaining some weight and then I will move them in with my lone baby from the batch last year.

IMG_14781 IMG_14791

Also, my mom shared this with me yesterday morning and I figured you all would love to watch it.  Tonight on PBS there is a show called Fabulous Frogs on.  It is on at 8/7C.  Here is the Fabulous Frogs Trailer.

Lastly, I have been getting lots of questions about how to follow along with the blog.  The easiest way for you would be for you to “follow” the blog and you will receive an email every time there is a new blog post.   There are two places you can click to do this, as shown in the picture below.

follow me

Stay tuned for an update on the tank lighting.


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