New Display Tank!

Some of you may have heard, but this past weekend Steve and I drove to Pleasant Prairie and picked up a new tank!  I am calling it a display tank because it is by far the largest tank I have.  The dimensions are 36″ long, 12″ deep & 18″ tall.  This is a picture of it when I first set it up.

IMG_0001Here is a picture of it this morning.  I added a bunch of plants & stuff from our existing tank.

IMG_0049This new tank came with 3 leucs.  I added in my existing leuc to this tank as well so he wouldn’t be so lonely.  Once I put in Houdini (our existing leuc) he quick hopped to the top of the log, then he quick hopped up the the highest & tightest corner and hid for most of the day.  This is a picture of him before he hopped up into the corner.

IMG_0002I added the new to me 3 leucs shortly after Houdini and here are some pictures of them starting to re-explore their tank.

IMG_0003 IMG_0017  IMG_0028IMG_0037Finally late last night Houdini decided to come out and explore.  Below is his first encounter with his new friends.  IMG_0034

This tank is pretty cool.  It is very well planted with lots of different moss, bromeliads, ferns & vines.  The photo above shows that the tank does not have a black frame like the rest of my tanks.  It is a vintage 1960’s aquarium with stainless steel frame.

The guy we met in Pleasant Prairie was getting out of the hobby so he also gave me a bunch of stuff that he wouldn’t have any use for anymore.  This included Repashy Media.  He said he bought it on Amazon for $14 for a 4lb bag which is more than 50% off!  I have never used Repashy fruit fly media so I am excited to see how it compares to Josh’s & Saurian’s.  He also threw in some leaves, tadpole food, calcium plus & springtails.

In other news, my imitator’s were very loud last night.  It has been almost 1 year but the shy male imitator finally found his voice and he was calling all night long as the other male chased him all over the tank.  At one point it sounded like they were playing Marco Polo around the tank.  They also decided they were not scared of the camera at all, so here is a very close picture of one of the males.



Below is a picture of my first offspring from my imitators.  She must be almost a year old now.


Sorry for the long post!  I will post later on the plants, lighting & misting system!


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