Reorganized frog room

This past weekend was gorgeous so we spent most of the time outside working on our garage.  However, we did get a little time to reorganize the frog room.  Friday night, Steve helped me move my tanks closer together.  Now I can sit in my comfy chair and watch all of the frogs at the same time! IMG_0062 Sunday afternoon we came in from working outside and were stopped in our tracks by a leuc call and then another.  The two males have now started to try to figure out who will be top dog.  I found it quite funny to watch the two call back and forth almost continuously.  Here is another picture of their tank.  I will work on getting better individual tank pictures pretty soon! IMG_0073Sunday evening I moved my 2 Imitator froglets in with their older sibling.  I have not seen any aggression so far so that is good. IMG_82591 Here is a froglet and the older sibling side by side.  The older sibling is closer to the camera.  IMG_0055 Here is a size comparison as seen through the glass.  Notice the difference in color between all 3!  Older sibling: IMG_0056 Little FrogletsIMG_0059IMG_0060Here is an update on the tadpoles.  They are getting bigger! IMG_0058IMG_0057


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