Fruit Fly Media Comparisons

As some of you may know, when we bought our last tank, this bag of Repashy came with it. I have never used Repashy before. I have been using Saurian since I started with frogs almost 3 years ago. *I did use Josh’s once but preferred Saurian so I went back to Saurian’s media. I have been contemplating making my own media, but I never have all the ingredients I would like to make it so I just buy another bag of pre-made media.

Eventually I might plan it out so that I can make my own media.  It seems pretty easy and also cheaper than buying the media.  But alas, for now I am using pre-made media. So I decided I would run a little comparison of the Repashy to the Saurian brand medias.

The first difference which is noticeable as soon as you open the bag, is the consistency. Repashy media is a powder, compared to Saurian which is flakes. You can see the difference below,  Saurian media is on the left:

photo 1

Both of the media’s smelled like oatmeal, Repashy had more of a cinnamon oatmeal smell to it. However, once I wasn’t as crazy about the smell of the Repashy media once it got wet. I was really surprised to see that Repashy media only requires 3-4 tablespoons of media. The Saurian media is normally 1/3 cup media to just under ½ cup of water. The results are below, Saurian is on the left:

photo 2

I took these pictures this morning so they are around 6 days old already, but they haven’t changed a bunch since Friday when I made them. So far they are pretty similar and as long as the production is the same or similar I would probably use either media from now on. The real test will be comparing the production. I will have to post a follow-up post on how the production compares. I have heard good things about the Repashy production so I am excited to see how it goes.


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