Fruit Fly Media Comparisons- update

Sorry for the delay in this post!  I have been meaning to write it up for awhile now, but just haven’t got the chance.

I posted awhile back on my comparison of Saurian fruit fly media to Repashy fruit fly media (you can read it here if you missed it).  Here are my findings:

Repashy had earlier production than the Saurian media by a day or two.  However, due to the different production times it was hard to see if either actually had more production.  Both cultures did get a 2nd wind of cultures around the same time, but Repashy’s culture did have a better production that round.

I recently started both of my next cultures with Repashy and they just started producing.  I am always amazed by how many flies can come out of such a little cup, but yet they always seem to be gone so quickly.  How many cultures do you start for your collection?

Below, you can see I also used paper plates instead of excelsior this time around.  I find it less messy for a quick culture set-up and for me it has produced just as well.  The production so far has been very good and I am excited to use some of the options that are available.  There are many other companies that have media as well.  Any other brands you use or prefer over Saurian or Repashy?

photo 1 photo 2

And now, here are some photos of my tadpoles.  It has been awhile, but you can now clearly see their back legs and they are looking more like frogs with tails!

photo 4 photo 3

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