Friday Frog Beer

Here is a fun post for a cold and dreary Friday!  I saw a post by Shawn aka “The Frog Whisperer” yesterday.  It was a picture of a beer made by a company called Hoppin’ Frog.  That got me thinking that I should see if there are any other beer companies with a fun frog theme.  Turns out there is!

Hoppin’ Frog – Akron, Ohio

Dead Frog Brewery

Dead Frog Brewery- Aldergrove BC, Canada

Frog Level Brewing – Waynesville, NC – They have a Tadpole Porter!


Frog Hair Beer Co. – Tampa – FL

Frog's Breath

Coronado Brewing Co.- Coronado, CA -This one made the list due to their Frog’s Breath beer pictured above

bad frog beer 136x300

Bad Frog Beer – Rose City, MI Frog Brewery – Toledo, OH

– This brewery has cute names for the beers as well!  All frog themed!  Cream of the Frog, Amphibian pale ale, Froglicious & 12 frogs of Christmas!

Offshore Ale Co. – Fitchburg, MA – this brewery made the cut because of the Lazy Frog beer pictured above

Bullfrog Brewery- Williamsport, PA

Turns out there are quite a few Frog themed breweries!  I still think the Black Frog Brewery is the cutest due to the creative names, but there are many more to choose from!  Maybe I will convince Steve that we should get some t-shirts, after sampling of course.

Happy Friday!  Hope you have a great weekend!


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