Temporary Tank Ready!

I set up the new froglets temporary tank this past weekend and I think it turned out pretty good!  Here are a bunch of photos of the froglets.  I have pictures from a couple different days over the weekend, yesterday and today so you can see their tail is shrinking rather fast.

IMG_0137 IMG_0138

Oddball is very hard to take a good photo of!  IMG_0140

IMG_0141Grow- out Tank is ready!


Getting ready to test the land out.  (Don’t hold your breath because he has been perched on the side of the cup the whole weekend and start of the week)


Then, finally some photos from this morning.


Oddball is still perched on the side of the cup, but his toes are getting closer to the edge!


IMG_0150This little froglet started to freak out when I took the lid off and she was acting very dramatic clinging on the side of the cup.  May have a new drama queen!

Hopefully they will be on land soon!


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