Plants for terrarium

Sorry for the long post today, but I have lots of pictures AND I found out how to make them larger so you can actually see them!  Today I am going to go over some of the plants that are in the new Leuc tank and where they are placed/ how they are doing.

Here is what the tank looks like when I first got it.  It is crazy to see how much the plants have grown in just the couple of months that I have had the tank!

IMG_0059Ficus pumila var. quercifolia – Oak Leaf Creeping Fig

This plant is great for a terrarium because it does well with low light and high humidity.  This Oak Leaf Creeping Fig has been growing for quite awhile, however you can see how much it fills in the background.

IMG_0063Some type of Fittonia

Fittonia is a good terrarium plant because they require high humidity.  They like bright, indirect light.  I like this plant because it adds a little color to the terrarium and it is hardy enough that my leucs can trample it all day long and it will still be holding its own.  I have not yet trimmed this plant and it is starting to get a little leggy, so I might have to trim it sometime soon.


I believe this is some form of Selaginella

This plant is at the front of the tank and adds a nice colorful mat for the leucs to play through.  This plant really likes the moist soil & low-light conditions found near the front of the tank hiding under one piece of the center stump.


Dischidia ruscifolia- Million Hearts

I am not 100% sure that this is what this plant is.  I have only had this terrarium for a couple of months now, but everything I read says that the Million Hearts plants has white flowers that bloom year round.

Either way, this plant does well being planted on the background near the top so it can dry out between mistings.  This plant has started to cover its section of the back wall very nicely.

IMG_0074 IMG_0089  Pilea depressa or Pilea Jobe’s Tears

This plant has recently popped up all over my tank.  It has been growing in the wetter parts of the tank and has loved the sunny spots.  Although these leaves are small, the leucs trample all over them and they are durable.

I have decided to break this post into two posts so stay tuned for Plants Part 2!


6 thoughts on “Plants for terrarium

  1. What is the large leaved plant front right corner and how is it doing? It kinda resembles Goodyera pubescens (rattlesnake plantain/orchid)

    1. I am not sure of that plants name, however it is doing quite well! It does look like the Goodyera pubescens however I have not seen flower that the photos show. I have had it for around 4 years now you would think that I would have seen it.

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