Types of Dendrobate Leucomelas

5 morphs of Leucomelas:





finespot leuc







Reasons Everyone should own a Leuc

  1. They are very bold and outgoing.
  2. Just by watching the frogs you can see that each has their own personality and they love to explore every inch of the tank.
  3. These frogs are great in groups and are not very aggressive towards one another.  They love to wrestle and interact with each other and yet they seem to realize that each frog needs their own space and also love to explore on their own.  This makes them very fun to watch.
  4. Once all the conditions are right and they are old enough, you will get to hear the males call.  Their call can be louder than some others but it is very pleasing and almost sounds like a bird.
  5. These frogs are easy to see in the tank so even the littlest fans can see them.
  6. They also have a reasonable upfront cost & are readily available (for when you figure out that you want more and that the 1-2 you have is not enough).

If you haven’t already read it, here is the Species highlight that I previously did for the Leucs.  Leucs Species Highlight


Cover photo was taken by Matt and used with the Creative Commons License.  Photo was cropped & text was added to original.  See Original photo here.


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