Oddball & unexpected surprise

Here is “Oddball” my melanistic tarapoto.  It is very hard to take a picture of him.  He is so tiny that my camera has a hard time focusing on him.  My normal tarapoto froglet was hiding so he avoided the photo op for this week.


Here is the unexpected surprise that I found on Monday.    It is a mushroom!  It appeared Monday night and has grown really fast since.  This picture is from Tuesday morning before work.



Here it is after work.



Here it is before bed




Here it is this morning before I went to work IMG_0198

It grew really fast!  It started out so cute and now it is looking pretty ugly.  I have read online that they are harmless to the frogs.  Has anyone else had any mushrooms growing in their tank?



Here is one of the froglets which is around a year old now.  I am thinking that there is a pair in here but we will see.  I have recently been seeing some what looks to be courting, so time shall tell!


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