Fly Shortage

Well it happened this week for the first time in a year or so. I must have either messed up on the timing or due to the cooler weather the new culture produced slower than expected, but either way, the fly production halted to a stop and I found myself left without any flies to feed the frogs.

Seeing most of my frogs are a year + I know that they can handle a week if needed without any food. However, the new froglets that are only a couple months old make me more worried.

Here are a couple things that make the transition time easier:

  •  Have more than 1 type of feeder food. I have a bunch of springtails on hand as well and although it is not a long- term solution it will help give them something to munch on.
  • There are many people in the greater Milwaukee area so I know that if I really needed some more flies I could reach out and see if anyone had any extras to spare.
  • There is always Petco & Petsmart up the road to buy some extra flies.


Now more importantly, here are some ways to make sure that it doesn’t happen again:

  •  Start a culture to transfer some of the flies into a couple days after their emergence.
  • Make a schedule for making fly cultures and always do it on the same day to keep it easy to remember
  • Make cultures more often, therefore always having some flies at different stages to limit the days left without food.
  • know the life-cycle of the fruit fly so that you can set the schedule for making new cultures based on that.  Here is the Life Cycle of the Melanogaster and of the Hydei according to Josh’s Frogs.

My current cultures look like new flies should be emerging soon, so I am hopeful that they will have some good food to eat soon. In the meantime, I will be keeping the springtails up and using the couple emerging flies to keep the froglets fed.

Here’s to hoping that this weekend we get lots of flies emerging!flies close up


6 thoughts on “Fly Shortage

  1. I’m dealing with this myself. My cultures got too dry. Luckily my oldest cultures will get me through until tomorrow when I can buy more at the reptile show.

    1. I think the dip in temperature here made my cultures produce very slowly. I recently switched from Saurian to Repashy so that might have had something to do with it as well.

  2. Thanks Good Info> I find for fruit flys to keep them more at 76 degrees> I use a heat source under their tub theyre in> On Yop Of a 75 gal aquarium Heat radiated up & across bottom of tub then a Lid on FF Tub Traps the Heat & Keeps at 50-60 % Humidity. I keep lid slid to one end a bity about 2 inches to allow some m oist out> I find helps alot House is cooler in winter & Less humid due to heater running. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

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