Froglet update!

Happy Thursday!  This week has flown by so far!  Here are some updated pictures of the baby froglets which recently morphed.  Oddball is a little smaller than his brother or sister but he is also very hard to find and is also very jumpy!

IMG_0103  IMG_0101

Here are a couple of photos of the tarapotos older siblings.




My first tadpole that I hand raised last year is looking to be a female 🙂

Below is a photo of 2 of the tarapoto adults.  As you can see their tank needs to be trimmed back but I will wait until winter for that.


Now here are the Bakhuis.  One of them loves to see their reflection!  The other loves to hang out at the top eating all the fruit flies who have gathered near the top to avoid being eaten.

IMG_0229 IMG_0231IMG_0253

Here are a couple of pictures of my leucs.  Sorry about the dirty glass!  I should have cleaned it before taking photos!

IMG_0250  IMG_0248

Here is one of the tree frogs at my husband’s parents house.  He loves to sit in the box on their house that holds the water sprayers and things.  He was getting ready for hibernation and was very cold so I held him until his temperature rose.  After I put him back in the box, we read about how he was preparing for winter so his body stops functioning and he will wake back up in spring.  Sooooo I may have messed his system up.



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