Cleaning a tank to be Re-Used

This weekend I finally broke down my first tank.  It has been through 3 moves & the background was almost falling off.


Below is a photo of the background after I pulled on it a bit and it came off.  One corner got a little stuck but other than that it came off pretty easily seeing I didn’t silicone the background before putting the great stuff in.

First step is to get off all the big chunks.  In my case it was pretty easy but depending on how well it was built it could take a bit of effort to get most of the chunks off.


Next, I wiped away all the dirt and debris to see what I was left with.  You can see exactly where my background was before.


After getting rid of the big chunks, I used a wedge of lemon and a paper towel to let it soak on the background and scrub away the remaining silicone/ great stuff residue.  The silicone came off pretty easily on the first pass through.  Below is the picture after working most of the way through and letting the lemon sit and work on the great stuff chunk.


Here is the result after working for around an hour on it.  There is still a little bit of residue on the far side but that should come off pretty easy with my fingernail and some dish soap.


As a last resort, you could very carefully use a blade from a razor.

This tank is ready to be used for plants!  If you are using the tank for a tank with new frogs in it, you will want to remove anything organic (plants, dirt, wood, leaves) and replace it with new or boil/ bake it.


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