Pruning Plants

Last night I trimmed the leuc tank & the imitator parent’s tank.  The imitator’s tank was really neglected and the plants in the leuc tank were trying to take over.

Here are the before photos.

Before Leuc tank:


Before Imitator Tank:


After Leuc Tank:

IMG_0309 The leuc tank really just needed some of the plants which just showed up to be taken out and I routed some of the viney plants to be in a more appropriate location.  I have a couple of bromeliad’s which could stand to be split and moved, however I didn’t have that much time in order to complete that.

After Imitator tank:

IMG_0336The imitator tank still has quite a bit of pothos in there, but I felt bad taking all of their nice climbing plants that they had in there.  I was relieved to see that even in removing all of the pothos up at the top and making it so the light would actually reach the bottom, they were still as bold as ever.  These 2 photos were taken around 30 minutes after I emptied their tank.

IMG_0342 IMG_0339  Don’t worry the leucs were still bold as well.  IMG_0304

Here are the casualties from just the imitator tank.  Most of this is the pothos that overran the tank.

IMG_0330Here is the plant tank all set-up!  I am waiting to see which plants root before I toss a bunch of the extra plants.



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