Books to Read

Those of you who know me, know that I am not a person who will just sit down and read a book.  However, today’s post has a sort of wishlist for books.  Here are some good books to read for frog lovers, keepers & advanced hobbyists.  Has anyone read any of these?  Can you recommend which book I should start with or which books are your favorite?

Poison Dart Frogs: A Guide to Care and Breeding

By Jason Juchems

jason juchems book

Poison Arrow Frogs: Their Natural History and Care in Captivity

By Ralf Heselhaus


Poison Dart Frogs: A Complete Guide to Dendrobatidae (Complete Herp Care)

By Amanda Sihler & Greg Sihler

amanda & greg

Poison Frogs – Jewels of the Rainforest

By Jerry G. Walls


Poison Frogs (Professional Breeders Series)

By Wolfgang Schmidt & F Wilhelm Henkel


Dendrobatidae: A Fantastic Journey Through Ecuador, Peru & Columbia  (3 volume set)

By Siegfried P. Christmann


Frog: A Photographic Portrait

By Thomas Marent


In Search of Lost Frogs: the Quest to find the World’s Rarest Amphibians

By Robin Moore



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