Inspirational Builds Part 2

Today’s Post goes with my Inspirational Big Build post.

However, instead of HUGE builds that most of us can only dream of, here are some inspirational builds that are at a size that we could add them to our collection as an awesome display tank.



Size: 44 gallon Pentagon tank

Builder: Jim


Size: 67 gallons

Builder: revolution292004


Size: 60 gallons

Builder:Luidi de Souza Doim



Size: 55 gallon

Builder: Mark Budde



Size: 29 gallons

Builder: Matt


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8 thoughts on “Inspirational Builds Part 2

  1. Wow, these are beautiful. Great idea for a post, too. It’s nice to see what can be done with readily available tanks.

    Do you know what’s kept in that 29-gallon with the water? I would love to do something similar, but thought dart frogs weren’t supposed to be kept with deep water. Are there some frogs that are safe in such tanks? Thanks.

    1. Hey MNGuy! Thanks for stopping by! Here is the build thread for the 29 gallon with the water :
      I think he had a firebelly newt in the tank.

      I think that dart frogs are pretty good swimmers, you would just have to adjust it to make it adaptable for dart frogs. For instance, you would probably need to add some land space so they can catch their breath if they do fall in. I would also add some fallen branches or tall aquatic plants that the frogs could grab onto & perch on if they do fall in and get tired of swimming.

      If you would like something like that with all the water you could put some fire-bellied toad, floating frogs or marsh dwelling tree frogs (glass frogs, clown frogs or reed frogs) to name a few!

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