Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog Discovery

With the frog population rapidly declining across the world, it is about time that we hear a discovery of a new frog!

I know awhile back there was a couple more discoveries of new species, but those were found across the world.  This new discovery is very interesting because the Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog was found in New York!  It is crazy that in the most populous city in the United States a new frog species can be found.  It is an amazing feat for one species of frog to remain hidden for that long, all while being in plain sight.

atlantic-coast-leopard-frogThis frog is called the Rana kauffeldi after the original founder Carl Kauffeld who wrote a paper on this new frog in 1937.  The common name for the frog will be the Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog.  This frog’s mating call was studied to figure out that it was a different species than 2 other similar leopard frogs found in the area.

Seeing this frog has survived for so many years without disappearing, scientists are hopeful that this frog is resistant to the chytrid fungus.  You can read more about Chytrid in this post of mine: Chytrid.

This is very exciting as it is only the second new frog species found in the continental United States in the past 30 years. 

Read more about this discovery here: Big City, Big Surprise: New York City’s Newest Species is a Frog

Hope you have a great Halloween weekend!

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