Types of Adelphobates with pictures

Here are all of the different types of Adelphobates that I could find, with pictures!  Let me know if I missed some!


Galactonotus, Golden

Galactonotus, Koi

Galactonotus, Orange

Galactonotus, Red

Galactonotus, Solid Orange

Galactonotus, Moonshine

Galactonotus, Yellow


Note: All of these photos were found on Google Images, I do not own the right to the photos.

If you missed them:

Types of Leucs with pictures

Types of Tincs with pictures

Stay tuned for a caresheet on the Adelphobates!

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*Edit- I updated the White Galactonotus to the Moonshine Galactonotus.  There is also a Blue Galactonotus which is rare.

blue galac

Galactonotus, Blue


Cover photo was taken by Erik Mattheis and used with the Creative Commons License.  Photo was cropped & text was added to original.  See Original photo here.


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