Frogs to good home

Well it’s about time to make some room for some of the littler froglets.  No shipping unless we get a nice warm week (wishful thinking).  We are located in Milwaukee, WI.

Species- R. Imitator Tarapoto
Line- Tor Linbo
Age- 5 months oow
Quantity- 2
price- $50 each

Species- R. Imitator Tarapoto
Line- Tor Linbo
Age- 1.5years +
Quantity- 1 (probable female, no calling & hangs out on the glass closest to the calling males in another tank)
price- $65

or $150 for all 3.  I also would entertain trades.  Payment available by cash or PayPal.

All frogs have a good appetite and are eating melangaster flies dusted with repashy calcium plus daily & vitamin A once a month.

Below are some photos of them.  The older froglet has a lighter yellow throat color.   They are all getting bolder and have gorgeous coloring!

photo IMG_0059 IMG_0056 IMG_0055

Above is a photo of the older frog on the left and the smaller younger frog behind.  This photo is a couple months old so they are almost the same size now.

IMG_0060 IMG_0117 IMG_0129 IMG_0221  IMG_0256

Let me know if you are interested or have any questions!  I have added a contact tab on the upper menu for easy contact!





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