4 methods to catching those sneaky thumbnail frogs

There are many reasons that one might need to catch / remove a frog from its tank, like upgrading to a bigger and better tank, bug infestations in the tank, for the health and safety of the animal or to sell the frog.  Monday I posted on a the couple of froglets that I need to get rid of to make room for some more baby froglets here:frogs to a good home. This leaves me with a dilemma on how the best way is to safely catch them. I figured I would write this post to get some ideas on good ways to catch them and then do a practice run later this week to see which method worked best. I have been wanting to get some better pictures of them anyways and they haven’t been wanting to hangout so I can take their picture.  So it serves as a win-win. I get to (hopefully) figure out a good way to catch them without waiting until the moment I need to take them out and I can get some better pictures of them. After a little bit of research I have found a couple methods that seemed like they would work pretty well.

**Important: Whenever you are moving stuff within their tank make sure to use extreme caution as frightened frogs may do unexpected things, like jump out of the tank.***

How to catch those sneaky frogs:

The first thing to do is to take out all of the removable pieces of the tank (wood pieces, leaves, plants if they aren’t rooted in too well).  Next up make sure your container to put them in once they are caught is ready to go. In my case it will be a temporary tank, but if you were selling them it could be the shipping cup itself.

4 methods of catching a stealthy frog:

Hand –Make sure hands are clean! Carefully coax frogs to jump on hand by touching butt.  This works well on larger frogs, but also little baby frogs.


Tube or test-tube– Make sure hands are clean! Use a clear tube that is larger than frog you are trying to catch. Plug one end of the tube with something easy to remove- sponge piece or sphagnum moss. Slowly slide tube into the tank and over the head of one of the frogs. Once they hop up into the tube, slide the tubing and place hand over open end of tube. Place the open end of tube in new home for froggie. If he does not come out pour some clean water down to flush the frog out.


Cup– good if the frog is out in the open and you can nudge him to hop in or place it over if he is on the glass.


Film canisters– once the frogs are out and about, use the film canisters to provide some cover for the frogs. They should either try to jump in the film canisters or out the top. Hopefully they jump in the film canisters and you can place your hand over the canister and take them out!

film canisters

Make sure not to stress out the frog too much!  If you cannot find him or miss him repeatedly, make sure to give them a couple of hours to cool down and then try again.

Do you have any other ways or tips to catch a sneaky frog?  What do you do if you can’t find all of the frogs?


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