Operation catch 3 little froggies

Operation catch 3 little froggies in a 15 gallon tank last night was a success.  They were quick and had some good hiding places, but mission accomplished.

Here is a break down on how the evening went:

Step 1- set-up temporary tank

temporary tank

Step  2- start to take things out and place them in temporary tank


Step 3- Find first froggy, try out the tube method and the frog evades.  Try cup method instead, get the cup all lined up and frog evades and almost goes under the cup due to bumpy terrain.  So, opt for hand method, grab the leaf hes perched on and quick cover it.

Step 4- Place froggy in small cup instead of temporary tank.


Step 5-Husband starts taking photos of the captives, while I keep hunting for more.

Step 6- Find the remaining froggies and get them each in their own individual cups.  The cup method worked well for the remaining 2 froggies.

Step 7- Start putting all of the leaves, plants & removable stuff back into the tank.

Step 8- Seeing that the lid is off and there are no animals in there, start setting up the misting system that I have been ignoring for months, even though I had all the parts.

Step 9- Get the misting system installed and everything back together.

Step 10- Put the light on and turn it on and it strobes instead of continuous light.

Step 11- Futz with the light for a good amount of time then get fed up and put the old aquarium light back on the tank.

Step 12- Take some more froggy photos

Step 13- Add the froggies back into their newly cleaned & updated tank .

IMG_0532Step 14- Check back in 30 minutes to see them out and about and loving the new (old) tank set-up.

Now for some of the photos that my husband took of the froggies.

Frog 1 (Suspected male.  Anyone agree or disagree?)

Frog 1 -1Frog 1 -2Frog 1 -3Frog 1 -4Frog 1 -5

Frog 2 (suspected Female.  Anyone agree or disagree?)

Frog 2 -1 Frog 2 -2

Frog 3- (suspected Female.  Anyone agree or disagree?)

Frog 3 -1Frog 3-2Frog 3 -3

Overall it went pretty well!  Let me know if you got any guesses on if they are female or male!  Frogs 1 & 2 should be around 5 months and Frog 3 should be around 1.5 years.


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