WI Frog & Toad Study

In 1981 Wisconsin’s Frog & Toad Survey (WFTS) was started.  It was started to confirm belief’s that the frog & toad population was decreasing in the WI area.  In 1984, the WFTS began surveying the state for native frogs & it is now one of the longest running amphibian monitoring program in North America.


There are close to 100 different routes that volunteers will travel along to see if they can hear any native frogs/ toads.   Volunteers will travel out 3 times a year to see which native frogs/ toads they can hear.  The data is then analyzed and compared to previous years to see how the population of each frog/ toad is doing.  The results look like this:

leopard frog statsWI is home to 12 different frog/ toad species.

american_toad_adultAmerican Toad

cricket frogBlanchard’s Cricket Frog

chorus frogBoreal Chorus Frog

spring peeper

Spring Peeper

copes grayCope’s Gray Treefrog

gray treefrogGray Treefrog

American Bullfrog A-3092American Bullfrog

green frogGreen Frog

Pickerel Frog A-3782Pickerel Frog

leopard frogNorthern Leopard Frog

mink frogMink Frog

wood frogWood Frog

How many of these have you seen before?  My grandparent’s have  a cottage on Robert’s Lake up north and I remember catching most of these as a child (and everytime I go up there).

If you would like more information you can visit them at http://wiatri.net/inventory/frogtoadsurvey/index.cfm.

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