Black Friday Deals


Here are all the black friday amphibian related deals that I have found so far.  Let me know if you hear of any other black friday deals &  I will update the post as I find more!


All Cork Flats, Rounds & Gallon Bags 10% off

Excelsior – 15% off

All Exo Terra Compact Tops 10%off

Exo Terra Monsoon $89.99/ each

All Screw-in bulbs – 5-20% off

Fruit fly cultures – 20% off


Josh’s Frogs

8 days of Awesome going on if you sign up for their email newsletter Also:

$5 off $50 BF5

$10 off $100 BF10

$25 off $200 BF25


Zilla 10G reptile starter kit – 50% off

Fluval LED Lighting- 50% off

Aqueon 16G widescreen aquatic kit- 50% off



10 gallon aquarium kit – 39.99

Aquarium Ensemble sets- 50% off

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!



This isn’t really a deal, however I thought it was pretty cool.

JungleBox – 15% of every JungleBox purchase will be divided and donated to Tree Walkers Int. & Tesoros de Columbia organizations until Christmas day!!



JAF Cultures- $1.49 each

Fly Mesh- $.99 each

Cacao Leaves- $3.99 for 25 leaf package

Shipping containers- $.45 each & up

Dendropack- $.49 each

30 hour heat pack- $.74 each

Giant White Springtails-$2.49 each



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