Dream Frogs

If money was no object, what kind of frogs would you like to add to your collection?

For me, I would love to add some vanzolini & benedicta.

Ranitomeya- vanzolini-Mas1EVanzolini


I have seen the Benedicta selling for $100 each frog lately.  They definitely have come down in price since more people are breeding them, however that is still over my price range so I will have to keep waiting!   The vanzolini seem to be more of a reasonable price, but I will still need to wait until I can get rid of some of my more recent babies.  Anyone want some Tarapotos or have extra Benedicta or Vanzolini they want to donate to The Frog Lady’s Collection? 🙂

All kidding aside, they are both gorgeous frogs and I am very jealous of anyone who gets to work with them!

What are some of your dream frogs?  Let me know below & post some pictures on The Frog Lady facebook page of your dream frogs!

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4 thoughts on “Dream Frogs

  1. Benedicta are on my list as well, along with a variety of other thumbnails and pumilio. I’ve been admiring Histrionica lately. Those are definitely on the “keep dreaming” list at the current prices though!

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