10 Lessons Learned

Here are my list of lessons learned.  These are things I have learned through the couple years under my belt, the couple tanks my husband & I have constructed.

 10 Lesssons Learned

1) Great Stuff expands a lot.  Always apply a thin layer & allow to fully cure before covering.  My first tank I completed the whole thing in one weekend.  It’s a wonder how that thing held up for 4 years.

2) Building on #1- Once your great stuff is dried, always carve until you are happy with it & then cover.  No amount of silicone & coco bark will turn that nice blob into looking like a tree branch, rock or whatever you wanted it to look like if it didn’t already look like that prior to covering.

3) Using gravel for a false bottom/ drainage layer is a good alternative, however it makes the tanks really heavy when moving 3 times.

4) Glass is much easier & cheaper than plexiglass.  Doesn’t matter how thick of plexiglass you get it will still warp.

5) Mold will happen in all tanks when first setting them up.

6) You will not see every frog every time that people are over and want to see them.  Don’t try to find them each time as frightened frogs jump!

7) Anytime you take something out of the tank, triple check there are no frogs in it.  They can (and will) fit in the tiniest places and stay in there until outside of the tank, then they will make a break for it.

8) Always wash the plants very good to make sure there are no bugs in them.

9) Divided tanks are not worth the hassle.

10) Leaving a small cup with a tadpole on top of the light while gone for a weekend is not a good idea.  You will come back to a dried tadpole with no water in the cup.

What are some lessons that you have learned?

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2 thoughts on “10 Lessons Learned

  1. its nice to use egg crate to make backgrounds outside of the tank but remember it eventually has to go into the tank. haha i dont know how many times i wanted to throw my background while trying to get it into my exoterra

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