The weather in Milwaukee has been crazy lately. It is almost Christmas and we still have NO SNOW.  Normally it would look like:

Milwaukee Snow

Jeff via Flickr

We have gotten snow earlier in the year, but it has since melted and the past couple of days it has been raining. In December.

I for one, am not loving this weather. However, it seems the frogs are loving the change in weather. That same barometric pressure change that gives me a headache has been getting the frogs to call like crazy. I have found that a good misting will get them to call even more.  Anyone else getting lots of calling lately?  I will be interested to see if the calling continues through the winter and snow.

Someday, when I get my display tank I think it would be really cool to have it all automated and match the weather from wherever the frogs were from. So in the case of my Tarapoto Imitators- if it was raining in Tarapoto, Peru the automated mister would be going. And if it was sunny the lights would change to show sunny.  Does anyone have a set-up like this?


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Featured photo : Branching by Dru! via Flickr


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