Species Highlight “Phyllobates Terribilis” with pictures

Here is a combined species highlight with pictures for the Phyllobates Terribilis!

Also known as : Golden Poison Frog


This frog is found in a very tiny part of Columbia near the Pacific coast.  It can be found  in humid forests on the ground.

Terribilis Range Map – ICUN


These frogs tend to be very bold and can often be unfazed by people.  They tend to be very hardy and are a good group frog.


Terribilis is one of the largest dart frog.  It can reach up to 1.75″ as an adult and due to it’s size it is capable of taking on large prey.

Temperature & Humidity:

They like temperatures in the mid to high70’s and prefer a humidity over 80%.


Due to their large size, the Terribilis will be able to take full-grown crickets, waxworms & hydei fruit flies.  Some have been known to ignore smaller insects such as springtails.


Typical sexual maturity for these frogs is from 12-18 months.  The average clutch size is 8-18.  These tadpoles are not cannibalistic.


According to the ICUN red list, the major threats are deforestation, planting of crops, logging & human settlement.

Terribilis Endangered – ICUN

Varieties of Phyllobates Terribilis

Phyllobates Terribilis Mint – Black Jungle Supply


Orange Terribilis – Josh’s Frogs


Phyllobates terribilis - Orange Blackfoot -john P clare via frogforum
Phyllbates Terribilis- Orange Blackfoot John P. Clare via FrogForum.net

Orange – Blackfoot

Phyllobates-terribilis-yellow understory
Phyllobates Terribilis Yellow – Understory Enterprises


Note:  I do not own the right to the photos

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