Hobbyist Feature – Chris Luce

Now that it is a new year, I have decided to add a new type of blog post!  It will be a hobbyist/ breeder feature!  I have been thinking about this idea for awhile, but finally decided to give it a go.

My first hobbyist feature will be Chris Luce from Coco Hut Dart Frogs.  His name may sound familiar as he has been featured on the Reptile Super Show’s facebook page, recently was nominated for The Reptile Report’s Personality of the Year, plus he is very active within the dart frog community.  He also created a program called “Leucs for Little Ones”

How long have you been keeping frogs?

I still consider myself pretty new to the hobby. It’s just going on 3 years now.

How many types/ frogs do you have?

38 species/morphs, close to 200 frogs, 53 Vivs (41 dedicated, 12 10-gallon growouts).

Panoramic of Chris’ Frog Cave

What was your first frog?

6 Dendrobates Leucomelas ‘Standard’ from AZDR for my 150 gallon viv.

What got you interested in keeping frogs?

My son’s interest in unique animals and researching various animals that would be good for a 150 gallon tank I had. I discovered dart frogs online and have been in love with them since.150 gallon

What is the most rare frog that you keep?

The least common may be the Lorenzo or Table Mountain Tincs. Possibly the Hylomantis Lemur Leaf Frogs.

table mountain tincs
Table Mountain Tincs
lemur leaf frog
Hylomantis Lemur Leaf Frogs

What is your favorite frog that you keep?

Very tough question. There’s many I love for various reasons. For calling, boldness, and personality… I may have to stick with the good ol’ Leucs!

Which frogs in your collection are your most shy frogs?

At the moment, either the Blue & Black Auratus or R. Benedicta ‘Pampa Hermosa’.

Blue & Black Auratus
Blue & Black Auratus
Pampa Hermosa
Pampa Hermosa

Which frogs are the most bold?

Leucs, Terribilis, and Tincs are all out and about constantly.

Orange Terribilis
Orange Terribilis
Cobalt Tinc
Cobalt Tinc

What feeder foods are you using? Which is your favorite? Your frogs favorite?

For Fruit Flies, I make 12 cultures each week of Melos, Hydei, and Turkish Gliders. I also keep cultures of springtails, confused flour beetles, and several varieties of isopods. Turkish Glider fruit flies produce quicker and more plentiful than the others and have been my favorite for feeding.

What is the one frog that you wish to one day add to your collection?

I intend to add two more groups next year. I’d like to add a nice varied group of Basti’s and a group of Cinnamon Tree Frogs. Of course, it’d be nice to add some legally imported Lehmanni from Tesoros de Colombia someday, but I’m perfectly fine waiting until it becomes an affordable reality.

If you had all the room and money in the world, what would your dream tank look like? What would it house?

I’d have to let the imagination run wild for that. Lol. For what I hope to be a realistic dream, then I do have several ideas in my head for how I’d like to build my ultimate ‘Frog Cave’ when the day comes that I buy a house with a full basement. With the kids almost grown and gone, then hoping in about 5 years or less. I have a unique idea I’d like to try that would involve 2-4 vivs that will be near 400 gallons in size. Occupants not yet decided. Of course, there’d still be full walls of vivs, furniture, and much more.

Any piece of advice you would give to someone new to keeping frogs or the hobby in general?

Always research in advance. Only add to your collection as your budget allows. Occasionally someone will buy too many, too fast, and end up having to sell off some or all of their collection. Make friends in the hobby and find a ‘mentor’ to help you through. There’s a terrific amount of absolutely wonderful people in this hobby. It’s invaluable to have someone local who can help with questions, fruit flies, and more when in need. The community is just as awesome as the frogs.

Here are a couple more photos of his “frog cave” that he shared.  In case you didn’t know he converted his garage into the ultimate frog room!

Chris Luce's Frog Cave
Chris Luce’s Frog Cave
Chris Luce's Frog Cave
Chris Luce’s Frog Cave

Thank you so much to Chris for taking time to answer my questions and sharing a little bit about him so we can all be jealous of his collection!

Definitely take a moment to like his facebook page and take a look around the coco hut dart frog website.  


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