Living Walls

Today’s post comes from the resort we stayed at in Mexico, The Moon Palace.  This place was awesome! The first thing when you get to the lobby that you see is a very large living wall. I snapped some quick photos of it as I was in awe!


IMG_0720 Seeing this living wall made me think of what a great idea it was, so I was excited to see if they had these anywhere else.  Mexico is the perfect climate for all of these living walls so someone else must have some right?

Turns out as long as you use native plants you can do it anywhere!

All of a sudden the HVAC designer by day kicked in and thought that a living wall on the exterior of the building it would provide some sort of energy savings, it’s a natural use of rainwater, could reduce sound and if you found the right person to sell to it could increase property value. OR, you could even do it inside a building to function as a work of art while at the same time it would purify the air!

Now all I need is to find the perfect place at our house to add one!

Maybe on one of our fences to drown out the little girls next door? or by our compost?


Nick Carter – GardenIdea
botanical gardens
Botanical Designs

If only we had an extra wall that we could add something like this:

Decor Advisor


I will have to work on Steve for that one.  In the mean time, here are some other awesome living wall projects that I have found.

Surrey, British Columbia
Surrey, BC
Lucy Wang- Inhabitat

10,150 square foot double sided green wall which is comprised of 50,000 individual plants

Semiahmoo Library Green Wall- Vancouver, Canada
Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine

3,000 square foot which is comprised of over 10,000 individual plants (~120 unique species)

PNC Pittsburgh headquarters
PNC Pittsburgh Headquarters

2,380 square foot which is comprised of approximately 14,448 plants!

Microsoft Headquarters- Redmond, WA
Microsoft-Green over grey
Green over Grey

Would you put a living wall anywhere?



Today I logged into Amazon and discovered that it was Amazon’s Aquatic Month.

The sale is on

-up to 50% off Fluval & Marina

-20% or more on Aqueon & Coralife

-20% or more on Tetra & Marineland

and more!

I am sure the sale isn’t on every product made by these manufacturer’s but it’s worth a look if you are looking to get a new light or accessories this month, to check out Amazon and see if they have it on sale!

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