Species Highlight “Amazon Milk Frog” with pictures

Here is a species highlight with pictures for the Amazon Milk Frog!  If I didn’t hate crickets so much I would definitely want some of these!

Also known as : Trachycephalus Resinifictrix

Amazon Milk Frog- All that is interesting


This frog is found South American rainforests in Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.  These frogs normally spend their time high up in the rainforest canopy.


Milk frogs are a nocturnal frog and can typically be found at night.  These frogs do great in groups.


They range from 2.5″ -4″ in length, with the males being smaller than the females.

Temperature & Humidity:

These frogs like a range of 75-85 degrees F. and humidity of 60-80%.  A nocturnal infrared heat lamp can be used to heat and view the frogs at night.


Due to their large size, the Milk frog eat mainly crickets, flies, caterpillars.  A young froglet can be fed flightless fruit flies.


The female frog can lay over 2,000 eggs in one day during the rainy season.  The tadpoles will then take 1 day to hatch and another 3 weeks to complete metamorphosis.


According to the ICUN red list, the major threats are forest conversion, clear cutting, and human settlement.

Amazon Milk frog ICUN status
Amazon Milk frog- ICUN

Here are some more photos because they are so cute!

Amazon Milk Frog- Adventure Aquarium
Amazon Milk Frog- Adventure Aquarium
Jacob's Jungle
Jacob’s Jungle

Do you have any of these Amazon Milk Frogs in your collection?

Note:  I do not own the right to the photos

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