Tarapoto 4 month update

I realized that it has been awhile since I have shown any pictures of the baby tarapotos.  They are still adorable and tiny!  They have a very big appetite and will start eating flies almost as soon as they are in their tank.  As you will be able to see, Oddball has kept his melanistic colors.

These froglets left their cup on September 19th so they are almost exactly  little 4 months old.




Normal Tarapoto:



Clicking on the photos will make the larger and easier to see!


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2 thoughts on “Tarapoto 4 month update

  1. I am not sure how rare it is to have a melanistic tarapoto, but I am not planning on doing anything special with him as far as breeding goes. I will be interested to see how he does as a couple people I have seen with melanistic tarapoto’s have reported that they were smaller and only made it to a year or two.

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