Frogging on a budget (Part 3 of 3)

Sorry for the delayed part 3!  I am sure everyone has been waiting on the edge of their seats 😉  I have gotten pretty busy lately with my full time job, part-time job & our new bathroom renovation project, plus doing my puzzles that I got for Christmas!  My posts should be returning to a more normal schedule now though.

Today I have also announced that I will be participating in the April A to Z Challenge.  My theme will be different tank background materials.  You can read more about it here!

Now that we have our deals on Tanks, Materials & Plants from Part 1, and our substrates, woods, leaf litter & misting supplies from Part 2, we can move onto Lights, bugs, decor & frogs!


Lights are one thing that I wouldn’t skimp on.  I have seen multiple DIY lighting fixtures, but I wouldn’t recommend these to a beginner.

-Amazon- My first light fixture was the Marineland LED Light fixture.  I love this light and the plants in my tank has loved them as well!

MarineLand Light via Amazon

-Home Depot/ Lowes – Shop Light & replace light with a daylight bulb

shop light
Example Shop Light via Amazon


– The best place that I have heard of to buy bugs, mainly due to shipping costs, would be at an expo.

Springtails via Josh’s Frogs


 Film Canisters

-Amazon or Ebay – Can buy film canisters in bulk here.

Film Canisters Via Amazon

-Walgreens, CVS or Walmart- Some of these places may give them to you if you ask for them.  They no longer need them after they develop the film!


-Get some rope & cover it in silicone & then dip in coco fiber.


-Cheapest will probbably be at an expo or anywhere you can get them without paying for shipping.  The average cost for the coco hut is $1.50-$2.50 so the shipping cost will be more than the actual coco hut cost.

-Or you can make them yourself! – Buy an organic coconut from food store (around $1.50).  Drain it & cut it in half & then boil & bake it.  Cut it in half once cooled and drill a hole on top & side for frog access.  This may require some tools!  Children do not attempt this as it can be dangerous!



This is the second thing that I would not buy the cheapest of.  In the case of the actual frogs, you will want to buy from a reputable & knowledgeable breeder.

-There are many breeders out there who are very reputable & will help you out however they can.  I bought my first 2 leucs from Patrick @ Saurian.  He was very knowledgeable and helpful!  I did not mind paying a little more than other places, because when I received the frogs they were exactly as he said they would be.  1″ in size and approximately 4 months old.  They were packaged very well & very active upon arrival.

-Join Dendroboard & some local facebook groups to find some local froggers that may be able to save you the cost of shipping.  I got 2 good deals from local froggers who were looking to sell their frogs & tanks locally!

-Go to an expo to meet some breeders & see lots of options for frogs as well as get some sweet deals!

Josh’s Frogs Facebook Auction Fridays!  Every Friday they have been holding an auction on different frogs & supplies.  Make sure to check the general notes at the beginning for end time, regular cost & rules!

On the bright side, once the tank is set up & the frogs are bought the cost of raising frogs themselves is pretty cheap!

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