Winter Weather

Well, winter is back.  Here is a couple photos I took this week.




Last Sunday we got 10″ of snow & another 4″ on Monday and now the cold & wind is here.  Hopefully we will have a break from this weather soon, but Mr. Angry Groundhog disagreed and said we will have more winter.  boo.

It seems lots of people (me included) are having issues with fruit flies this winter.  Here is my previous post on what to do in a fruit fly shortage.

Now to think some warm thoughts!

I have been thinking of starting a quilt in my spare time. I have been gathering lots of ideas recently.

Last fall I made a quilt for a friend’s of ours baby and it was pretty fun! I definitely need more friends to have babies so I can make another!  I love the look of baby quilts.  Here are some photos of the baby blanket I made last August:



I think it turned out pretty good!

Here are some inspiration for the frog quilt:

Frog Quilt 003 frog-300 frog-background-400  Hieb_FrogTotem_419x480  il_570xN.482440769_qi18  il_570xN.719103954_pu1k Leap_Frog-700x700 LEAP FROG QUILT 001

Here is the design that I think I like the most:


I love giraffes as well as frogs, however I think a frog quilt will go better in the frog room!  Which one is your favorite?


Also, if you have a Pet Supplies Plus by you, they are having a $1/ gallon sale on Aqueon tanks!

Stay Warm!

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