Species Highlight “Allobates” with pictures

Here is a species highlight with pictures for the Allobates Femoralis & Allobates Zaparo!


Femoralis- The Femoralis can be found in lowland forests located in Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana and Amazon drainage basin of Columbia, Ecuador, Peru & Western Bolivia & Brazil.

Femoralis Area – ICUNredlist

Zaparo-  The Zaparo can be found in eastern central Ecuador & adjacent areas of Peru.

zaparo area
Zaparo Area – ICUNredlist


These frogs can be skittish, but with plenty of hides and leaves they can get used to everyday activities.  These frogs have bird like calls and do well in group settings.


They range from 1″ -1.5″ in length, with newly morphed froglets much smaller than adults.

Temperature & Humidity:

These frogs like a range of 75-85 degrees F. and humidity of 60-80%.


These frogs can eat relatively large prey.  They will eat small crickets, moth larvae, beetle larvae, houseflies & fruit flies.


Eggs are laid in leaf litter & carried to nearby streams & temporary pools.


According to the ICUN red list, there are no  major threats to either of these frogs at this time.  Both of these frogs are found to be common throughout their area.


Allobates Zaparo – Taken by Ron Santiago
Allobates Femoralis – taken by Matt Cage

These frogs are pretty cute & although they are not as colorful as some of the other frogs I still like them!

Note:  I do not own the right to the photos

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