5 things you never knew you needed for your tank

What a whirl-wind these past couple of days have been!  My last post on DIY Terrariums was viewed 1,220 times already!  A typical post for me will get around 200 after weeks of being posted so I am pretty excited about that!

Today’s post will be on extravagant adds for your tanks.  This is to be complete opposite from the budget builds series.

Part 1 – Tanks, Materials & Plants

Part 2- Substrates, woods, leaf litter & misting

Part 3- Lights, Bugs, decor & frogs

Here are 5 things that you never thought you needed for your tank, but you obviously do:

1) Misting System:

These are very helpful if you have many tanks so it can mist many tanks at once!  I have my Exo Terra Monsoon system connected to 2 tanks of mine and it works great!

Exo-Terra Monsoon Mister via Amazon

2) Custom Design Vivarium Labels:

Matt Marsee (Dev30ils on dendroboard) has been creating some pretty sweet labels which everyone should have on their tanks!

Benedicta Sample Label – Dev30ils via Dendroboard
Terribilis Sample Label – Dev30ils via Dendroboard
Terribilis Sample Label – Dev30ils via Dendroboard

3) LED Mushroom Lights

LED Mushroom Lights via Inhabitat

Need I say more?  They are adorable!

4) Ardiuo light controller or Raspberry Pi system:

These systems can be used to control the lights, fans, misters so that you can replicate the frogs actual environment.  There have been multiple threads on dendroboard on how to achieve this, but the Raspberry Pi motherboard can be bought from Amazon and with a little handiwork you could have your own controller for reasonably cheap.

Raspberry Pi motherboard via Amazon

5) Glass frog pods


These could be used instead of film cans and can be used with a magnet!

Devin from Hammer + Vine

Anything that you like to add to your tanks that aren’t needed but look cool?


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