Frog Tanks Photo Shoot

Well this past weekend I spent some time in the frog room cleaning tanks & fruit fly culture cups.  The tanks were getting pretty bad so it was time for a much needed tank cleaning.

Culture Cups:

I will spare everyone the photos of these dirty but I had enough cups to clean that I made a pretty good sized drying tower.  IMG_1089

After each culture is done I place it in the freezer (in multiple layers of plastic bags).  After I collect enough/ need room in my freezer I take them out and dump out anything that will fall out.  Normally with the Saurian mix the media would fall out with a couple of squeezes of the cup, however with the new Repashy mix they were a lot harder to get out.  Once they are pretty well cleaned I fill them with warm soapy water and let them sit.  Then I go back and dump them out and wipe with a paper towel to get any larvae off the sides then rinse in hot water and set aside to air dry.

What is your method for re-using cups?

Leucs Tank:

I didn’t take any before photos of this tank, because I wasn’t really thinking of it.  But here is the after:

IMG_1065I cut out a lot of plants as seen below

IMG_1068 IMG_1070

And I even found this plant ready to bloom.  It was hidden by a bunch of overgrown plants.  Anyone know what this plant is?


Split Tank:

Here is the before for the split tank.  The right side (tarapoto’s) I just cleaned the glass. The left side (Bakhuis) I rearranged and added some more plants as well as cleaning the glass.


Tarapoto’s After:


Bakhuis After:

Sorry about the foggy glass!


I took out the large plant which was on the right hand side and filled it up with some newly cleaned & washed plants from my plant grow-out tank.

How often do you find you need to clean your tanks?

I am planning on a post later this week that will have frog photos!

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