Species Highlight “Ameerega Trivittata” with pictures

Here is a species highlight with pictures for the Ameerega Trivittata!


The Trivittata can be found in Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Peru, Brazil.

Trivittata Range - ICUNredlist
Trivittata Range – ICUNredlist


These frogs are a big and active dart frog.  Large horizontal vivariums work best.  They may be kept in groups, however with the Trivittata male to male and female to female aggression may occur in tight quarters.


They range from 2″ -2.5″ in length, with the females being larger than the males.  Newly morphed froglets are very small for a frog this large.

Temperature & Humidity:

These frogs like a range of 70-80 degrees F. and humidity of 60-80%.


These frogs will eat fruit flies, springtails, crickets and other small prey items.


The Trivittata tend to breed in coco huts, leaves, inverted flower pots in a heavily planted tank.  Clutch sizes range from 15-30 eggs and the tadpoles are not cannibalistic so they can be raised communally.


According to the ICUN red list, deforestation is a threat for this species.


Green 2-Stripe- 2 stripes on back
Green 2-stripe – Dendroboard
Green 3-Stripe/Huallage Canyon – 3 stripes on back
triv 3 stripe
Huallaga Canyon – Josh’s Frogs
Bajo Huallaga – spotting on back
Ameerega Trivittata- Understory Enterprises
Greenback – solid green back
Andreas Schluter Green back
Green back – Andreas Schluter
Red- bright red or orange stripes
Red – Canadart.org

Note:  I do not own the right to the photos

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