100 POSTS!

I can not believe that I have already written 100 posts.  Anyone who knows me, knows that Writing & Composition classes were my worst classes in school.  I guess I just needed to write about frogs!  I am so thankful for everyone who has been following me on this addictive journey and those who have just started reading my blog.  I hope that you will stay for the next 100 posts as well!

Top 10 posts thus far:

10 – 4 methods to catching those sneaky thumbnail frogs

9 – 5 morphs of Leuc’s (with pictures)

8 – Inspirational Builds Part 2

7 – 5 things you never knew you needed for your tank

6 – Hobbyist Feature – Chris Luce

5 – Types of Adelphobates with pictures

4 – Types of Dendrobates “Tinctorius” with pictures

3 – Types of Dendrobates “Auratus” with pictures

2 – Paludarium for Poison Dart Frogs

1- DIY Terrariums

Tarapoto teens (older babies):

IMG_1647 IMG_1655 IMG_1656 IMG_1683

Tarapoto mom:



IMG_1622 They were searching for food so they weren’t very photogenic.


IMG_1618 IMG_1625 IMG_1632 IMG_1681Can’t wait to see what comes up in the next 100 posts!

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