STS (short tongue syndrome)

Sorry I have not been on my regular schedule of posting 3 times per week, but I have been crazy busy working on the 26 posts for April.  (See this post if you have not heard about my A to Z of Backgrounds posts for April)  I have grossly underestimated the amount of time it would take to write all these posts so I am feeling a little behind.  Although, I am a planner so I would love to be done with them prior to the month starting and then work on other posts for the next month.

I feel like lately I have been setting up lots of temporary tanks and yet again I find myself with a temporary tank.  Recently all of the temporary tanks have been due to some new little ones, however this time it is due to (1) having STS or short tongue syndrome.  I have been watching him eat for weeks now and although he is getting better at catching the flies he still will miss quite a few.  I have separated him with another littler guy from the other 2 in order to give the littler ones a little extra practice at catching the flies and fatten them up a bit.  I have been providing Repashy Calcium Plus at every feeding & Repashy Vitamin A once a month.  Since I have noticed him missing the flies I bumped up the vitamin A to once a week so we shall see how he does.   I have seen an improvement so far so I am hoping he will make a full recovery.           IMG_1885


Have you ever dealt with STS?  How did you resolve the issue & did your frog ever fully recover?

Hope you all have a great weekend and that you tune back next Wednesday for the start of A to Z of Terrarium Backgrounds!  Remember to subscribe by email to receive an instantaneous update when I post.

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