6 Types of Feeder Insects

Good nutrition is a crucial part of animal husbandry.  Here are 6 types of feeder insects besides fruit flies that your dart frogs will love!  These feeder insects not only create a well fed frog, but also come in handy in a fruit fly shortage.

Pinhead Crickets:

Pinhead crickets that are less than a week old are very tiny.  These make them the perfect snack for frogs!  I have not fed these because I hate crickets, but I might be able to feed them when they are this tiny.



These tasty snacks, double as a janitor for the tank.  They are also very easy to culture, needing only a container of charcoal and some rice to survive.


These should be fed sparingly as they are very high in fat and can lead to overweight froggies.  The larger species of frogs will love these, but half-grown wax worms may be required for smaller species as they get rather large.


Rice Flour Beetles:

These beetles larvae can be a nice treat or back-up feeder for poison dart frogs.  These beetles take a little more work, because the larvae should be separated from the adults as the adults have an off-putting chemical when threatened which some frogs may not like.

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Phoenix Worms:

Josh’s frogs sells some phoenix worms that are only 3/16″ long.  These worms would be perfect for dart frogs.  They are low in fat and high in calcium so there is no reason to dust or gut load them.


Similar to springtails, Isopods also serve as tank janitors, while serving as a delicious snack.  There are many variations of Isopods so it can be easy to find one with the characteristics you would like (ie. culture quick or get too large for snacks so adults stay to clean the tank)


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6 thoughts on “6 Types of Feeder Insects

    1. Fruit fly cultures can be put down on mite paper which will eliminate mite infestations. I like springtails because they like moist conditions, so they would prefer to stay in the container and if they get out they dry up. Isopods I have used to seed the tank at the beginning so I don’t have them sitting around in my cabinets.

      But in general I try to keep any bugs in rubbermaid containers that have a good tight fitting lid on them. If they do need some sort of venting, I would cut a hole and cover with a couple layers of window screen siliconed in to try to prevent any escapees.

    1. I haven’t had any issues with bugs crawling out. More issues with not having the mite paper and leaving fruit fly cultures too long.
      The springtails and isopods seem to stay near the bottom of the tank and if they get too high they make nice frog snacks. I have had some fruit flies that escape but by vacuuming often you should catch most of the escapees.

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