April A to Z Challenge – Letter A

AFor the first day of this challenge, we will start off with one of the easier ways to make a background, but it can also be one of the most boring.

Already Made Background

Letter A

Some may consider it cheating to use an already made background but there are many of ways you can spruce it up and make it look like your own.

Dendroboard – FroggyKnight

Vivarium Works makes some backgrounds that can be dropped into your tank and look awesome!

Vivarium Works
Vivarium Works – Banyan Roots
Vivarium Works 2
Vivarium Works – Replica Rocks

AquaTerra also makes some pretty cool backgrounds.

AquaTerra – Amazon Tree

Otherwise there is always Exo-Terra’s premade backgrounds

exo terra natural_terrarium_large_set
Exo-Terra – natural terrarium background

Or LLLReptile sells a pre-made foam insert for Exo Terra cages.



-Very easy to install

-Messiest part is siliconing it in place

-Easy way to get a great looking background if you aren’t artistic/ creative


-Not very unique unless you modify it

-Can get rather expensive if you want a high quality

-No cure time or waiting time on the background itself, just whatever you use to attach it.

Have you ever used an already made background?  Did you do anything to it to make it look like your own?  How did it turn out?  Stay tuned for day 2 where we cover letter B!


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11 thoughts on “April A to Z Challenge – Letter A

    1. yeah! I tried to find some photos of some of the backgrounds which did look real. I am hoping to add lots of photos to the subsequent posts as well, because after all that’s the pretty cool thing is seeing all the possibilities!

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