April A to Z Challenge – Letter B


Bark Mosaic Background


This background method uses scrap cork bark bits.  You can take pieces of cork bark and silicone them to the back of the tank, leaving 1/2″ to 3/4″ gaps between pieces.  After the silicone is fully dried, you can stuff the gaps with some damp sphagnum moss.  You can then attach some moss to it and it will spread over the background.  Due to the drainable nature of this background, you can plant orchids, vines and even bromeliads on it.

P1050749_zps4a9022b3 pooky125
pangeareptile.com – Pooky125

Here is the same tank, planted and grew in a bit.

Pangeareptile.com – Pooky125

Here is another bark mosaic

wBackground-w-Coco phender
Dendroboard – Phender

Here is the same tank after it has grown in and established.

OrchidTank110111 phender
Dendroboard – Phender

-Easy to layout

-keeps background lightweight

-Background looks alright from the exterior as well as the interior

-easily plantable


-Silicone will have a cure time

– Cork Bark will eventually degrade

Have you ever created a cork bark mosaic background?  How did it turn out?  Stay tuned for Day 3 where we will cover Letter C.


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