April A to Z Challenge – Letter D




As a home owner, I think of Drylok I think of a cheap way to seal or waterproof concrete, however it can be used in tanks!  Many people have experimented with Drylok and use it to cover great stuff backgrounds after carving.  This creates a unique and one of a kind look and feel.  Drylok can be tinted with concrete dye so you can tint it virtually any color, allowing you to add depth to it instead of the one dimensional brown or black you get with some other methods of backgrounds.

Example 1

DSC_2456_zpsf2cc0d03DSC_2465 by joshsdragonz  on Flickr DSC_2637_zps6329404bDSC_2637 by joshsdragonz  on Flickr

Joshdragonz background was created with carved great stuff expanding foam covered with tinted drylok.  The rest is covered in titebond and peat.

Example 2
Pre-planting Dendroboard – Waverz
After Initial planting – Dendroboard – Waverz

Waverz tank was created with a great stuff background covered in many coats of tinted drylok.


-easy to apply

-rather cheap

-easy to color

-if done right it can turn out very nice


-requires many layers to add enough depth to make it look good

-takes longer to complete than some other background methods

Have you ever used drylok on your background?  How did it turn out?

Hope you enjoyed day 4!  Stay tuned for Day 5 which will feature letter E!


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7 thoughts on “April A to Z Challenge – Letter D

  1. I worked at Lowe’s for 7 years and would never had thought of this as a use for this product (or great stuff). It made me smile for sure. Beautiful

  2. I enjoyed your post. That’s a creative way to use Drylok. I never would have thought of that. I’m glad I found your site! I saw a tweet that you did, noticed the A-Z Challenge, came here, liked you on Facebook and subscribed to your newsletter! How that for a person who almost never reads tweets! Just goes to show me that Twitter does matter. 🙂

    Anyway, enjoy the Challenge. I’m doing it too! My theme is Cool Animals. Take care!

    1. Awesome! I actually just started using twitter with this challenge so it is good to see that it actually works! Can’t wait to see more of your posts as well!

  3. That’s interesting material to work with. I’ve only created a garden lady from the liquid that turns into a stone like finish.(Pavelok or something similar) BTW – I created a link in my sidebar for the CREPE RECIPE that you mentioned. It’s on a separate page. Let me know if you try it!

    1. Wow that sounds pretty cool. I might have to look up some specs on it and see if it could be used in a tank! I will have to try that crepe recipe! It looks delicious!

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