April A to Z Challenge – Letter F

For Day 6 of the A to Z Challenge, I have 2 different materials that could be used.  The first 5 have been relatively common, but these 2 are something a little different.

Fabric & Filter


Fabric is not normally thought to be a tank material, but in this case it works perfectly!

Here is the before the tank is finished shot:

fabric tank before
Dendroboard – hippiechick

Here is a photo after the Money fabric was added behind the tank.

Fabric tank finished
Dendroboard – hippiechick

It turned out pretty good and although that space is not usable for the occupants, it really adds to the tank.  This could be used in a larger tank where there is no shortage of usable floor space.


Pond filters are not typically thought of as a good background material, however a couple people have used it.

Here is a 20 gallon vertical created by Willowalker as seen on Dendroboard.  It was called “Frankenvert” because it combined clay & filter background to create a background that was less likely to cave-in due to instability.

Dendroboard – Willowalker

Here is the background with some wood pieces & vines added.

Dendroboard -Willowalker

Here is the same background covered with clay.

Dendroboard – Willowalker

And then again planted.

Dendroboard – Willowalker

Have you ever created a background using fabric or filters?  How did they turn out?


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