April A to Z Challenge – Letter H


By Folius

Hygrolon was introduced in 2011, so it is still rather new.  While similar to Epiweb, Hygrolon is able to wick up water.  This makes it perfect for backgrounds!

Example 1

Newly planted tank by Dendroboard user Asunderco.

1 - before - asunderco
Dendroboard – Asunderco

Here is the same tank a year later.

1 - year later - asunderco
Dendroboard – Asunderco

Lots of little plants have grown in and covered the background so you can barely see the Hygrolon!

Here is a couple before and after of a 360 degree miniature orchid tank from Folius‘ website:

Folius – Flavs
2-before bottom
Folius – Flavs
2-before top
Folius – Flavs
Folius – Flavs
2-after back
Folius – Flavs

Have you ever used Hygrolon in your tanks before?  Did the plants love it?


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7 thoughts on “April A to Z Challenge – Letter H

  1. Is it like a humidifier / chia-pet log? It reminds me of those water plant I bought for my beta fish once. I don’t know what it was, but this plant absolutely loved being in that tank. After a year I couldn’t see my fish anymore. The fish liked it too, fortunately, but I had to ultimately cut it back before it was too over grown.

    1. It is actually just a fabric that you can place on the background and with a little substrate under it, it can retain moisture so plants love to be planted on it. I haven’t tried it yet, but hopefully soon! I have a bunch of plants in my tanks right now that are loving their spots wayyyy too much I will need to go through and cut them back pretty soon!

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