April A to Z Challenge – Letter L

Living Drip Wall

This post goes along with the Letter B -Bark Mosaic post.  DendroDave created a very nice how-to on building the living drip wall.  The basic idea is that you feed piping up through the bark mosaic & add a pump to pump the water from the false bottom to the top of the wall.  The piping has holes punched in it so that it can slowly drip out water.  With the drip wall you will also want to add some sort of drainage area underneath the wall.  With the increase of water flowing over that area, it is helpful to place rocks around an 1″ wide underneath the wall to allow the water to drain back without having to go through all the substrate.  Here are some of the photos from DendroDave’s thread:

1 2

Behind dripwall with pond
Living wall with pond

Living wall with pond- grown in
Dendroboard – DendroDave

Below is a newly built tank that has a drip wall built into the back of the foam background.

Dendroboard – Fishman

The middle tank of these three includes a glass pod drip wall.

Dendroboard – BrainBug

These 2 are a literal living wall.  Pretty cool!

Dendroboard – Ray
@ Rutgers University
Dendroboard – Ray

Just remember to have good drainage if you are going to create a drip wall, otherwise you might flood your substrate!


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9 thoughts on “April A to Z Challenge – Letter L

  1. that is a very extensive collection of frog gear… I am glad I stopped or hopped on over… sorry for the silly pun.

    Jeremy [Retro]
    AtoZ Challenge Co-Host [2015]

    There’s no earthly way of knowing.
    Which direction we are going!

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