April A to Z Challenge – Letter M

We have made it to the halfway point!  I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has visited thus far and made this challenge a success!  Today’s theme is common knowledge, but you can use more than one method and materials to create a masterpiece.

Mixed Materials/ Multiple Methods

In order to make your tank as natural and realistic as possible, you can use multiple techniques and methods and materials.  Nature is very rarely the same in two different places so by mixing it up you can mimic nature.  Here are some tanks that have mixed it up and used many different methods, materials and techniques to achieve their works of art.

Dendroboard user Joshsdragonz created a masterpiece using wood, foam, drylok, insulation sheets, titebond III, sand, spaghum moss & vines

mixed methods and materialsDSC_3066 by joshsdragonz, on Flickr

Dendroboard user Wimvanvelzen used plywood, epoxy, styrofoam, wood,grout, great stuff and more to create a huge masterpiece.

large tank
Dendroboard user -Wimvanvelzen

Dendroboard user David Brahm used eggcrate, styrofoam, great stuff, drylok & clay.

DSC00407 The deeb made a plywood tank with pond shield, insulation, great stuff, vines, ecoweb, clay & more in the awesome paludarium.

thedeebMixed materials & methods make for some AWESOME tanks!  What do your favorite mixed method & material tanks look like?thefroglady

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