April A to Z Challenge – Letter N

After yesterday’s theme of mixed methods and materials, today’s theme is no background.

No background

No background tanks are normally found in larger tanks that have some sort of centerpiece to them.  These tanks are awesome because they are normally 360 viewable!  As much as this would seem like the easiest option, it can take more time than a tank with a background because you now have every side you need to make presentable.  Although it may take awhile, once completed these tanks are awesome.  Here are some examples of tanks that have no background but still amaze and inspire: A 4′ tall x 4′ diameter tank by Dendromad: DSCF7082

DSCF7073The_Real_Azurel’s Backgroundless tank: DSCN0144-1xgcgrimm’s sideground tank: IMG_3340-2VicSkimmr’s tank: DSCN4391 Alfy419’s tank: IMG_2339Do you have any favorite no background tanks?


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